Places To Visit For A Run

Running is a sporting activity practised by both men and women. The winners at the end of the formal races can be rewarded, or you can just run for fun. There are those who participate in short races, and others who go for the long races like marathons. Running can also be done for exercise to keep the body and mind fit.

For adventurous runners, there are many places to visit for a run

Places To Visit For A Run

The world has a lot of fantastic places to visit for a run, with dozens of epic races to enjoy. Some of these places include; Atacama Crossing in Chile which is a seven-day run normally held in October across four deserts. There is also the Marathon of the Midnight Sun in Norway. This particular race kicks off at 8 pm, taking advantage of the daylight which is longer than usual during June.

More Places To Visit

There are so many beautiful places with scenery that is breathtaking as you run. Jordan Siemens Cape Cove in Oregon is parallel to the beach and runs for almost 3 miles with wildflowers all around. It is such a breathtaking sight! There is also the Jordan Siemens Big Sky in Montana, where they race inside the forest for over 10 miles. This is yet another wonderful place to visit in your running shoes.

World’s Best Cities For Running

The world also has great cities where marathons take place. Such cities include San Diego, Paris, Tokyo, Cape Town, Boston, Chicago and Rio de Janeiro. They offer picturesque sights along the running routes, where you also get to enjoy the weather, culture, historical sites and geography. As you pack for your next travel in any of these cities, do plan to take to these trails for a run!